About Us

Welcome to Cheney United Methodist Church!

We are delighted you found our site! We hope you will explore our site to find out more about us, and maybe even be so bold and daring as to check us out for Worship Sundays at 10am!  What you will find is a congregation that is really, truly open, welcoming and even inviting – we are folks who have discovered life is much more interesting when everyone is NOT just alike. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we are getting better at asking questions – of God, the Bible, and especially ourselves.

We take the Bible very seriously but not literally, and we encourage everyone to engage in their own process of investigation. John Wesley, the “Father of Methodism,” proposed we rely on four things in our lifelong search for meaning: the Bible, tradition, reason, and our own experience. Our unofficial motto here is “Bring Your Brain to Church,” and we’re much more interested in conversations than conversions since we understand the latter to be the work of the Holy Spirit.  If you are feeling nudged or called or pulled to see what a thinking church looks like, or to discover or renew a faith that will expand your life in unpredictable ways, this just might be the place for you!

When we gather for worship, our central desire is to recognize, celebrate and extend our relationship with God. While God’s presence can be found in any place or situation, we find there is something uniquely meaningful about coming together as a community. Together our voices are stronger and more interesting when we sing, we can engage in conversations that stimulate more and better questions, and we have more resources to share as we practice what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

We are people of all ages, from infants to great-grandparents, some of whom have always been church-involved while others are just now beginning to explore this lifestyle called Christianity. As such our worship does not fit into any neat category. Musically, we are most likely to express ourselves with the help of flute, piano, and guitar, with an occasional piece on the pipe organ Andrew Carnegie purchased for us long ago. But that has more to do with the musicians we have than any belief that they are the only instruments suitable for church worship. We also have an active, delightful vocal choir and an intergenerational handbell choir.

Our worship is informal and folks dress to suit themselves, not to impress others. Services are planned by a gifted group of folks, including musicians, visual artists and a tech person in addition to the pastors, with the desire to engage all our senses in the worship process, which generally lasts about an hour. We have Sunday School available at 9:15 (K-5th) and are wheelchair-accessible from our most-used entry, at the rear of the church.

Cheney United Methodist Church is located at 204 4th St. in Cheney, WA.  We have ample parking as well as a handicap accessible entrance with ADA parking in the alley off of 4th St.

If you were looking for some particular information and did not find it or have other questions regarding our church, feel free to contact our church office, at 509.235.4600 Tuesday through Thursday 5:00pm to 8:30pm or at cheneyumc@centurytel.net.

Our pastors are Rev. Alissa Bertsch Johnson and Rev. Pat Sleeth – they both welcome the opportunity to connect with those new to the church.  Contact them via email: alissakjohnson@gmail.com or psleeth@comcast.net.

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