Our Lenten Lord of the Rings Series 2024

Calling all hobbits, elves, and Tolkien nerds.
Beware of Balrogs! Watch out for Ring Wraiths!
You are invited to join us on a journey through Middle-Earth to explore Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
Whether you like the movies or the books, whether you know who Eru is or want to learn more, come join for six weekly discussions on the content and spiritual themes of Lord of the Rings, hosted by local pastors, Matt Goodale from Cheney Congregational Church and Damian Carruthers, our Pastor from Cheney UMC.
Here you will find the Schedule and Themes for the weekly meetings.
We are going to start with a little "Tolkien Trivia" about the books and movies, someone will give a short introduction into the theme for the evening and then we will discuss questions and try to make it relatable to our own lives.
Though we will discuss spiritual themes, this group is meant to be open to everyone regardless of religious background. If you are willing, please sign up for the discussion group, so that we know how many to expect.
From Ash Wednesday until Easter we will follow spiritual themes from the Lord of the Rings Movies on every Sunday. Therefore, besides discussion groups, we also offer to watch the movies together every Thursday at Cheney United Methodist Church. There will be snacks, Fellowship, Lord of the Rings Nerds and Newbies.
Here is the Schedule for that!
On the right you see the Worship Service Schedule including the themes for each Sunday and special Services like Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. All Services, except Ash Wednesday, will be live streamed via our Cheney United Methodist Church App or Youtube. 

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